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We, as SELHEP OFFICE TAX ADVISORY, ACCOUNTING & BOOKKEEPING C.P.A. CO. LTD., are a legal advisory, tax consultancy and accounting office specialized on limited tax payers; in other words, Foreign Companies and Foreign Participated Firms in Turkey. As an office established by Mr. İhsan Selhep who is a lawyer and also has a diploma on financing, we are rendering above mentioned services since 1956. Our İstanbul Branch was established in 1990 by Mr. Sarper Yıldırım Selhep who is the only son of Lawyer Mr. İhsan Selhep in order to render better services to our customers in İstanbul. Our İstanbul Branch is located in Zincirlikuyu where the majority of foreign companies are located in İstanbul. Our İstanbul Branch basically render the same services that are provided in Ankara and it operates fully under the supervision and instruction of our Ankara Head Quarter. Mr. Şeref Kubilay is in charge of the taxation and accounting department of our İstanbul Branch.

Our company owner Mr. Sarper Yıldırım Selhep has studied Business Administration in U.S.A. and Germany. With his father, Mr. Sarper Selhep has been providing tax consultancy services to our customers more than 30 years and he still continues to provide services even after death of his father Lawyer Mr. İhsan Selhep (R.I.P.17.02.1923-06.04.2015).


​Our company’s legal advisor lawyer Mr. İhsan Eskin, Mrs. Ece Ceyhun Özgüler and Ms. Hazal Tunçel have many years expertise and experience and each of them are specialized in their fields. Some of their main courses of exercise are; Direct Foreign Investment, Turkish Commercial Code, Code of Obligations, Labor Law, Tax Laws and Regulations, Residential Laws, Double Taxation Treaties, Incentive Regulations, Public Tender Law, Law on Customer Protection and Law on the Protection of Competition​


We, as SELHEP OFFICE TAX ADVISORY, ACCOUNTING & BOOKKEEPING C.P.A. CO. LTD., with our qualified, experienced and English speaking accountants, partner lawyers, tax advisors, work and residence permit specialists; and our many years tax and accounting knowledge and experiences in mainly Construction, Industry, Energy, Import-Export, IT, Telecommunication fields; always do our best to guide Foreign Investor Companies that are settled in Turkey or has an intension to establish a Liaison Office, Branch Office, Project Office or a company in Turkey. Our certified public accountant Mrs. Arife Çimen has many years experiences in Selhep Office, and she has expertise in accounting, tax and labor law.

We provide all kinds of information to our customers on legal matters, financial matters, tax consultancy and accounting. Our main course of work is to get work permit and residence permit for foreigners, to provide legal consultancy services and to establish Liaison Offices, Branch Offices, Project Offices, Limited Liability Companies and Joint Stock Companies for Foreign Investors in Turkey through our excellent many years relations with the Government authorities in Ankara and İstanbul.

Since 1956, SELHEP OFFICE TAX ADVISORY, ACCOUNTING & BOOKKEEPING C.P.A. CO. LTD. , has been continuing to add satisfied customers to its large scaled and growing customer portfolio. We have been working with many Foreign Investor Companies, Embassies, Associations and Liaison Offices since many years and most of those Foreign Investor Companies are global and leading companies in the world and they are originally settled in Japan, China, South Korea and Austria.

We, as SELHEP OFFICE TAX ADVISORY, ACCOUNTING & BOOKKEEPING C.P.A. CO. LTD., with our qualified, experienced and English speaking colleagues; are always happy to provide payroll preparation, labor law consultancy, tax consultancy, accounting, book keeping, legal advisory, work permit and residence permit services to our customer portfolio.


Lawyer and C.P.A Mr. İhsan Selhep
(Founder of our company)


Our company “SELHEP OFFICE TAX ADVISORY, ACCOUNTING & BOOKKEEPING C.P.A. CO. LTD."s founder, lawyer and certified public accountant Mr. İhsan Selhep was born on 17.02.1923. He has graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, and he has obtained bachelor degree on law. In the year 1956, our Accounting and Consultancy Company was established by Lawyer Mr. İhsan Selhep. He was a great lawyer, certified public accountant and he was passionate about his job. We respectfully commemorate our founder Lawyer Mr. İhsan Selhep who died on 06.04.2015, and we are grateful about his contribution to our company.

İhsan Selhep
Selhep Office Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory, Accounting & Bookkeeping

C.P.A. Co. Ltd.

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